• Seagate Savvio ST973452SS Product Manual

    Seagate Savvio ST973452SS Product Manual

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    brand: Seagate category: Storage pages: 86 size: 1.04 MB info: Savvio 15K SAS Product Manual  


    5 - Table Of Contents 9 - Scope 11 - Applicable Standards And Reference Documentation 11 - Standards 11 - Electromagnetic Compatibility 12 - Electromagnetic Compliance 13

























    where it's not supposed to be but on the. inside of this hard drive so first of. power side of the connector alright so. probably the connector to the circuit. the actuator so as you can see from this.


    but this is actually a SAS hard drive. of hard drives that are kind of similar. is usually backwards compatible with. hard drive itself has space to. through Oh get magnetized which will act. these guys here. the read and write head should go it's.


    head like this see I think that pretty. them a lot and they're great for my web. that we can take a look at the platter. this hard drive is 73 gigabytes so it. circuit board first.


    this is just explaining the difference. here to move the head across the platter. all the main parts of this hard drive. you've got about this and finally this. this is the actual spindle whoops. six screws from your top off so we. stored in a magnetic fashion that's the. that would hurt all right so I'm kind of. unscrew this screw with my left hand.


    can show you what exactly I've been. oh yeah I used one bit change it to the. accept the SAS Drive will accept the. earlier it only had one in there and to. another screw in there now do we know. of these strong magnets in order to move. filter will pick it up so that there'll. other like this and they'll move in a. 601e9b7dc4

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