• Competitiveness Before Carbon




    Competitiveness Before Carbon

    by Glynn Gaskarth

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    A series of policy initiatives since 2000 have rendered energy supply in the UK unstable and expensive. This has been driven by a desire to reduce carbon emissions in response to concerns about global warming. The effect, however, has been to drive energy intensive industries overseas, to countries with less carbon efficient means of production, resulting in a net increase in per capita global emissions. For the UK, it has meant de-industrialisation and the loss of jobs - while those firms that remain are placed at a competitive disadvantage by the high cost of energy. It does not need to be this way. As Glyn Gaskarth argues here, the UK needs a secure, stable energy supply, with prices as low as possible to give British industry a competitive advantage against its rivals in other advanced nations. Far from driving away energy-intensive economic activity, it should be designed to ensure as much of it as possible can take place on UK shores. Government investment should be focused on improving energy efficiency, making fossil-fuel use cleaner and supporting decarbonisation in developing countries. Only by dismantling the architecture of current energy policy can a new framework be established that is fit for purpose - addressing carbon emissions on a global basis and ensuring that the UK's 'just about managing' companies are not placed at a competitive disadvantage in the world.ends




















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    Web version: IPCC website^ "Case of the Conservatives carbon amnesia"UK Department for Business, Enterprise and Regulatory ReformThis version: GRID-Arendal websiteTillerson wrote that those who believe that the Common Core places control of education in the hands of far-distant bureaucratstaking it away from teachers and parents and kidsare misguided and argued that Common Core is the path to renewed competitiveness and should be at the center of every states effort to improve the educationand futureof every American child.Retrieved 2017-01-06doi:10.1093/oxrep/grn014Politicians and special interest groups are proposing various methods to tax these abundant and reliable sources of energydoi:10.17226/24651Hansen has argued in support of a carbon tax.[209][210][211][212][213]Retrieved 2010-03-20Balanced Budget 2008 BackgrounderEds.)"


    Agence France Presse, October 8, 2009Department of Energy, Resources and Tourism"Julia Gillard's carbon price promise"^ a b Randerson, James (2009-01-02)World on the Edge: How to Prevent Environmental and Economic Collapse, Earth Policy Institute (2011), Preface to Part 3 ^ "Economist Paul Volcker says steps to curb global warming would not devastate an economy" 5d8a9798ff

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